Heavy Mildew Ect. Interior Cleaning By Me- James. I do all boats by myself. Before and after slide.

Boat Detailing Near Me Sarasota, Bradenton, Longboat Key, Siesta Key ,Bird Key, Lakewood Ranch, Myakka City, Palmetto, Nokomis , Venice. Call James (941) 400-7897

Boat detailer near me. We specialize in boat detailing only. Bay boats and deep V center consoles. Mostly but can do all type of boats. We come to you.  

Boats on land or on lifts with catwalk or full access. cleaning inside & out. No cabin cleaning unless requested and agreed upon price additional. Waxing the outside hull and above the rub rail. In the regular days detail. I just bought many smaller buffers to begin buffing interiors. But I can make a second day for interior buffing depending on the boat. I do all boats by myself so I focus mostly on bay boats and center consoles. But I do bow riders, deck boats also ect. on land, preferred, Has to have good gel coat. No Wet Sanding. If it’s green algae and black mold & leaves no problem. Much better than 30 year old boat with no gel coat left. I maintain many boats for good people that live primarily out of town. They text me when to have the boat ready and I do it for 10-12 years now. I can do interior details of boats on water. Also removing bottom stains,  most rust stains on the topside and in the compartments. 

This price is for wash, wax and hand waxing the cowlings,  polish the stainless steel.. I have many ways of cleaning heavily mildewed seats and compartments. I can use vinyl coating to renew faded vinyl, but I only carry white.   

depending on the condition of the boat and the  access from the dock (i.e. if there is a catwalk already in place on the far side). I do bring a 16 feet board if that gets what’s needed on far side of lift.

Full compounding of a boat  is a totally specific project to each boat . So no per. foot  pricing applies. All prices are for reasonably well maintained boats.

You can call anytime for info on prices and to make appointments. I like to have the coming week booked out asap.  I am very blessed to be able to do boats for some of the finest people in the greater Sarasota area. I live in Sarasota. I service all of the following areas.

Sarasota -Siesta Key – Bradenton- Longboat Key – Bird Key – Casey Key – Parrish – Nokomis – Venice -Myakka

I am fully licensed & insured. I have been detailing for about 20 years now. So whatever the issues with a boat, it’s likely I’ve seen it hundreds of times before. I specialize in boats on trailers, work stations, and on lifts with good access. I’m not doing boats in the water any more.

It is very important to choose good waxes, sealants and compounds that will last as long as possible in the harsh sun and saltwater.

I use many nano, hybrid ceramic sealants. For a lasting and even finish.


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Melight to heavy cutting (compounding) especially on colored boats requires 2 foot by 2 foot sections done in 3 to 4 step processes. This takes considerately longer time than simply waxing. This is what many boats stored outside need that have not been machine polished in over a year. But also factors on the age of your boat and if it’s been in the sun and salt or in a high and dry storage. We clean storage compartments, vinyl seating, steering wheel, bottom stains, rust stains, most everything you need to get or keep your boat in the best possible condition. Check out our website Facebook for before and after photos of some boats we’ve done lately.

I have a 27 foot center console and use it almost every weekend for diving ect. So I am a boat owner. I know what it takes to keep your investment in great shape with sealants   Metal Polish.

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